Broken Seminar!

On March 23, 2019 we co-hosted a Community Seminar with Fellowship Baptist Church in Hemet, called Why Is It so Broken? Over 100 people attended from our churches and the community. This event was also livestreamed. Dr. Andy Naselli from Bethlehem College and Seminary explained what the Bible teaches about God, evil, and our response to suffering.

Fifth Seminar!

On May 20, 2018 we held our first livestreamed seminar, Transforming Anger. This seminar was primarily for our church family, as we are gaining more experience in livestreaming. Our plan is to launch a community-wide livestream event in the future. Pastor Tim explained why anger is, at its root, something pure and God-given. We usually focus on our sinful distortions of anger, but the key to transformation comes when we focus on understanding God’s pure and loving anger. This is what can transform our anger into a powerful good.

Fourth Seminar!

As the Restore Study points out, often we are hurting because of conflict in relationships – both our relationship with God and our relationships with other people. So on May 6, 2017 we held our fourth seminar called Resolving Everyday Conflict. The seminar looked at how our efforts to resolve conflict often come up empty. But the Bible speaks extensively about the roots of conflict (which began with the very first human beings!), the reactions that can lead to resolution, and the resulting peace and hope.

Third Seminar!

In line with the book’s goal to reach out to the hurting, we held our third seminar on June 4th.  This seminar was called Overwhelmed: When Life Stresses You Out. The seminar asked questions like, “Does God give us more than we can handle?” and “Should we try to manage our stress or get rid of it?” and “How can we care for overwhelmed people?” We had a packed house including people from our church family and the community.

In Stock Now!

We’ve shipped copies to all of our Kickstarter backers, so the book is officially in stock now! You’ll also notice that there are links on the store page to several ebook formats that are also available now.

Kickstarter Campaign Completed!

We did it! Our Kickstarter funding went very well, and we’re excited now to get the book into print.

  • We’re already hard at work trying to get the final improvements done, so that the book is in the best possible shape when it goes to the printer.
  • Kickstarter will give the donations to us in about two weeks.
  • Within two weeks after that, we’ll get the book delivered to the printer.
  • We’ll ship copies out to the Kickstarter backers as soon as we receive them. We’re hoping to have this will be by the end of October.
  • In November, copies will be available for purchase from